Modern agricultural practices, including the use of crop protection products, enable farmers to optimize natural resources, meet the food and fuel demands of a growing population, and be financially viable. CropLife StewardshipFirst is a voluntary crop protection industry program focused on the responsible management of their products.

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As the world population continues to rise, so does the demand for food and fiber. Crop protection products play a vital role in controlling the pests, weeds, and diseases that threaten our global food supply.


Everyone should have access to an affordable and nutritious food supply. Through innovation, stewardship, and agricultural inputs, modern agriculture helps growers to sustainable and responsibly produce high-quality products with a smaller environmental footprint.

What kind of a difference are we making?


With the help of crop protection, farmers dramatically reduce their national energy use, are able to provide 18 percent of the world's food supply on only 10 percent of the world's farmland, and increase agriclutral productivity by up to 50 percent.

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Increased agricultural production created an additional 1,040,661 jobs generating more than $33 billion in wages.

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Public Health

900 million people suffer from malnutrition today. Crop protection products combat malnutrition by providing the highest quality and quantity of crops on limited land.

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